General Colocation

Listed below are the price points for general colocation in our premier contracted data centers. Such centers are SAS 70 Type II certified facilities at a minimum. These facilities often offer six (6) or more Tier 1 carriers and generally have direct connections (1 hop) to transcontinental exchanges.

Colocation Power Transfer Default IP Allocation Starting Price
1U 1A@208v 1,000GB 6 $99.00
2U 2A@208v 1,500GB 6 $149.00
4U 3A@208v 2,000GB 14 $300.00
47U locking cab 20A@208v 10Mg Unmetered 30 $1495.00

Colocation Consulting

Net Easy is always reviewing data center operations and best practices. We frequently monitor and tour both new data center facilities and technologies in the United State. Net Easy has designed, developed and built corporate data centers for companies wishing to keep their operations internal while doing sound disaster planning. This includes contemporary, competitive technologies involving power, carriers, software and equipment to ensure competitive advantages.

Net Easy offers selected contract options in our core network or with current partners. We can further assist in negoitiating contracts in data center locations when designing networks.