Content Management System (CMS)


Plans start @  $14.95 / month.

Plans start @ $14.95/month.

Net EasyTM offers both fully managed and self managed hosted Content Management System (CMS) .

A CMS system allows for companies to create vast amounts of Internet content that is easy to manage and publish using a browser. Some systems support document management, version control and numerous other features in advanced applications.

There is the ability to have work-flows where content contributors and copywriters create content on the site that is not released to the public or internal company until the editor has completed and approved the material.

Designated users are able to login from anywhere, at any time, from any browser type. Our preferred CMS is extremely easy for end users and scales very large. It is often used as an Intranet or Extranet as well. The CMS also allows for content syndication as well which can then be shared across to your customer base.

Net Easy's preferred CMS is Plone as it was the first large scale, quality open source CMS in the market. Built on Zope and using Python as the language, it has an incredible security record compared to the other CMS systems.

Looking for information on CMS Systems:


Name URL Framework (if applies) Language Database
Plone Zope CMF Python Zope (object db)
DjangoCMS Django Python Relational
Merengue CMS Django Python Relational
Pinax Django Python Relational
ZMS-Publishing Django Python Zope
Drupal PHP Relational
Joomla PHP Relational
WordPress (not really a CMS) PHP Relational
DotNetNuke Microsoft (ASP.NET)
Umbraco Microsoft (ASP.NET)
Magnolia Java
OpenCMS Java
Alfresco Java

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