Plone Hosting

Here at NetEasy, we highly recommend the Plone CMS. In fact, this website itself is running on Plone.

Plone has an unbeatable security track record, offers very fine grain control, and makes adding and editing content very easy. It really is the safest & easiest way to control your website. Multiple users with varied access levels can freely work on the site at the same time. This allows the site administrator to delegate different roles and security levels to the appropriate users.
The site can be set up with a simple workflow that allows quick publication of content, which is ideal for most websites. Alternatively, a more complex workflow can be selected to allow internal and external availability of information. This scenario is ideal for larger organizations who may wish to maintain intranet sites such as an internal knowledge base.
The ability to make folders & sub folders with higher security levels creates a website that is user friendly for your entire staff and site users, but still very secure and manageable.

If you wish to change your design when moving to a Plone site, that is an option. Plone's appearance is easily adaptable. But this also means if your site already has a professional design that you wish to keep, it can be preserved on the new Plone site. Basically, a Plone site can be made to look however you wish.