Apple Computers are One-Third the Cost of Windows PCs Per IBM's Previn

Fletcher Previn, IBM's Vice President of Workplace as a Service, declares Macs to be one-third the cost of PCs to own and operate.  Previn claims that Macs were less expensive to support than Windows with only five-percent of IBM's Mac employees needing help desk support verses fourty-percent of PC users. 

Previn's team is responsible for all the company's PCs which totals about 604,000 laptops counting the 100,000 plus contractors.  

Previn also compared costs outlays.  He states that Macs cost about $117 to $454 more than a Windows PC.  However, over four years, IBM saves between $273 to $543 per Mac compared to a similarly configured WIndows PC machine.   Essentially, "It ends up being $57.3 million more expensive per 100,000 Windows machines, or exactly 3X the cost," he said. "And this is a conservative number. This represents the best pricing we've ever gotten from Microsoft."

In addition, Previn reports that employee statisfaction rose to 91% rating for the Mac staff.   He claims: "If you make it simple and easy for people to use, they will pull it from you, you don't have to push it on them." 

You can see his talk at the start of the Jamf keynote here: