Do we do Flash.....?         NOT EXACTLY LIKE THE OTHERS.

Our artists are experts with Flash and other design tools. However, we work together with our programmers and administrators to determine which techniques/technologies to use for effective delivery.

Example :

  • Are you familiar with Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (named SMIL and pronounced smile)?
  • Do you follow security and encryption technologies?
  • Do you have clients on wireless or want to touch these users?
  • Do you know bandwidth constraints and issues?

We can guide you through developing effective, rich content for your audience that is secure and offers longevity of use, ease of modification, and great pricing.


Your imagination is the limit with our multimedia experts.

We offer:

  • Audio
  • Digital Video (e.g. Real Media)
  • Photography including Aerial & iPIX
  • Flash
  • Authorware/Instructional Design
  • Java Applets

We can help you produce and integrate virtually any multimedia product for delivery via the Web, CD-ROM, or DVD.

Video (Digital)

We do video editing, encoding of digital video content, and graphic incorporation for production of content. We have media authoring partners for mass production of DVDs and CD-ROMs. We can export to your designated format or even to your broadcasting facility.

We do not have a blue screen or studio for shooting video, etc.

We only edit and encode directly from digital equipment.