Enterprise Hosting for Small Business Prices

Hosting services start with basic services for web or e-mail hosting through custom managed application hosting packages. All hosting plans are located in a Tier 1 Data Center.

All our servers are managed and maintained by our top of the line staff who monitor the performance of machines and traffic. We often custom build servers or make post market modifications to hardware based upon our clients' specific tasks at hand. This allows for hardware optimization and security which often results in a costs savings of 20-40% for physical hardware. Feel free to contact us for quotes.

Application hosting examples: Tier 1 Data-Center on Level3® network
  • J2EE, Tomcat & JBoss, Microsoft
  • Zope, Python, Perl, PHP, ASP
  • MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL
  • osCommerce

These are some examples and do not include all scenarios. If you do not see your application/desired scenario, please contact us for an estimate.



We DO NOT host adult sites. All clients agree to our acceptable use policy upon entering our hosting plans. Any illegal or fraudulent activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities without warning. Net Easy, Inc. reserves the right to terminate any account at it's sole discretion with or without notification.

We accept cancellations of standard accounts with a 30 day notification. Custom solutions should consult their contract for terms.