Apple Mail Client Configuration

  1. Open Mail (click it on the Dock or open it from the Applications folder).
  2. If the "Welcome to Mail" assistant does not appear, choose Add Account from the File menu.
  3. Fill in the Full Name, Email address, and Password fields.

    : Your email account password will be stored in Keychain to allow you to automatically log in to your email account when you open Mail.
  4. Deselect "Automatically set up account" if it is enabled. Click Continue to proceed.
  5. Choose the proper Account Type.
  6. Give your account a useful description, such as "Anne's Gmail account" or "Bill's Yahoo! email account". It can be called whatever you want.
  7. Enter your Incoming Mail Server (, User Name and Password. Click Continue to proceed.
  8. If prompted, enter your Incoming Mail Security settings (SSL Encryption, Port 993) . Click Continue to proceed.
  9. For Outgoing Mail Server, a useful description such as "Net Easy Mail Server".
  10. Enter the Outgoing Mail Server details(
  11. If necessary, select "Use Authentication" and enter your User Name and Password. Click Continue to proceed.
  12. If prompted, enter your Outgoing Mail Security settings (TLS Encryption, Port 587). Click Continue to proceed.
  13. Verify your settings in the Account Summary. Check "Take account online". Click "Create" to complete the process.