E-mail Services

How to configure e-mail software and/or access e-mail through the web browser.

Net Easy

Your User Name (User ID) to login is the entire e-mail address.

Webmail access:


E-mail Client Configuration Information & Options

  • Incoming Server: imap.neteasy.us
  • Outgoing Server: smtp.neteasy.us

Note: Sending e-mail requires authentication so the user id and password MUST be enabled.

Outgoing Incoming

SMTP connection:

  • Port 465 turn on SSL encryption (recommended).
  • Optional
  • Port: 25 or 587 unencrypted or TLS

IMAP connections (recommended):

  • Port 993 turn on SSL encryption (recommended)
  • Optional
  • Incoming: port 143 unencrypted or TLS

POP connections:

  • Port 995 turn on SSL encryption (recommended)
  • Optional
  • Incoming: port 110 unencrypted or TLS

Outlook 2007 & 2010, Thunderbird 2.0 and newer should have auto-configuration with account credentials.

Old Outlook clients (2003 & older) or restricted network access can use TLS.





Legacy Settings for E-mail Services (2010 and back)

E-mail services through the website: https://webmail.neteasyinc.com/.


E-mail Configuration Settings:

  • User ID: Entire e-mail address (e.g. your_address@your_domain_name.xxx)
  • In-coming Server: mail.neteasy.us
  • Out-going Server: smtp.neteasy.us
  • NOTE: Outgoing e-mail setting must be set to require authentication which is the user id and password.


NOTE: Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) like Verizon FIOS, Comcast, Cox, etc. may block the standard outbound e-mail port.  Please alter the outbound port to: 587.