Windows VPN

The instructions for setting up your VPN client for access to Net Easy provided VPS computers.


Step 1:

Goto and login with your user name and password provided with the account setup ( This will generally be provided through an e-mail to you )



Step 2:

Under Windows Installer, Click on the OpenVPN_Installer.exe file, and save this to your computer



Step 3:

RIGHT click the Open Vpn Installer (1) And click on Run as administrator (2)

vpn run as an administrator


Step 4:

Select or Enter a user-name on this computer that has Administrator Privileges. Sometimes, this will be the account you are currently using, and will not have to enter a password here.



Step 5:

Click the Next button to start the OpenVPN installer



Step 6:

Click the Install button to start the install process. Note: If you receive a popup asking about an invalid driver signature, ALLOW the install of this driver to continue.



Step 7:

Click the Next button to continue



Step 8:

Click the Finish button to complete the install of OpenVPN access Client



Step 9:

Double click on OpenVPN-AS to start the VPN client, Put in your password in box 2, Click the connect button and wait while your secure connection is established




To confirm you are connected to the OpenVPN system, check the bottom right corner of your computer screen, Look for the openvpn logo, with the key hole lighted Green