Technology Philosophy

strategy.jpgNet Easy™ uses numerous technologies in its regular operations and customer delivered solutions. We believe and practice objective scientific methodology.

  1. Net Easy performs an independent review of problems and presents solutions that best resolve the scenario.
  2. Net Easy is vendor neutral and delivers objective solutions.

Net Easy values client resources and does a great job of accomplishing their goals within budget.

Another unique value of Net Easy is our desire to educate the client/consumer of technologies and social impacts of technologies.

Net Easy enjoys helping our clients learn new practices and address change management to improve their efficiency and operation.

To those ends, Net Easy also makes heavy use of "Open Source" software/products in our own operations and for our clients to facilitate budget reductions/impacts. These various technologies are usually cross-platform, which means that they can operate on almost any type of computer operating system like Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, and Windows.

Programming Languages

Net Easy often uses open source languages and projects to build cost-effective solutions.  Some of these languages include:

Python php.gif

Python and PHP are fully open source languages and we hope Sun will eventually take Java to 100% Open Source status.


Open Source Information

opensource_logo.gifThe term "Open Source" is more common to consumers today with many of the barriers being broken down with consumer education.  To learn more about Open Source and some of the projects/products that we use, please visit this page.



Linux.jpgLearn more about the Linux phenomenon.